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By: Pam Koh

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Friday, 13-Oct-2006 21:50 Email | Share | Bookmark
Ocean Ship 2nd time

haih...reach dark dark ady
shark fin soup w dried scallops
Fried rice
Marmite chic 2rnd ound
assam sotong
see that chunk taken away..
honey sotong
Prawns -vietnam style
pork rib w yam
asam fish
bittergourd chicken 2nd round
steamed siakap
crab w salted egg
greedy peoples...
half of the choy tam... salty lar this one
lotus root
red bean w santan
chunnnn peanut broth - faa sang wuu
liked this place the first time so much that went w da family....

We tried a variety of other dishes, but felt the first time one was better...

I was a bit late lar.... $%&^$& work... Reached there ard 7.30... arrrghhh! but ok...good thing was they ordered some food to eat first.

The same thing we ordered was shark fin w scallop, marmite chicken ...nice le nice le.. the assam sotong... mmmmm like the tom yam paste I get ...

But tonite.. the chef veri the hamsap... the fried rice, lotusroot n veg veri the salty leh... had to reject.

One thing about this place is that they dun waste food.. so when we told Airene, she was a bit the reluctant to take the lotus root back in... so I told her... OK FINE... leave it here I'll finish it...
then she was like.. errr... then I said. ok i understand lar your policy, but...it's realli salty.

Nahh.. u see ? ALL the other dishes we sapu right ? so in the end she accepted..

Dessert time... We decided to try out their peanut broth n red bean paste... the red bean one they put a dash of santan...EWWWWW.... Santan rancid liao.. not nice lah...
BUT THE Peanut....... Faa Saang wu... fuuh.... At first I was hesitant, but then i took one spoonful after coaxing... Wahhhh best!!!!!

mmmmm..... nyum nyum....

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