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By: Pam Koh

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Thursday, 28-Sep-2006 22:12 Email | Share | Bookmark
Ocean Ship Restaurant

we're here... sorri dark dark pic...flash oso no help
better onot???
before entering
how it looks like... quiet huhhh
part menu. see if u can read it...
lemon chicken
**assam fish slice
taufu. nice
*shark fin soup w dried scallop
nasi pattaya. eh no... Mee pattaya. nice ler.but not imp to orde
butter prawn
top left dish Kung po fish slice
our fish*** .. nice hoh.. claypot pork rib yam**
overall view
salted egg crab**
blurrish view
wat's this ar..? ohhh.. spring onion ginger, mango chicken
stew chicken, pork salted fish**
veg -mix four angle+long beans, yau mak
assam sotong*** my fave
marmite chicken** lovely!!
name card...
*NON-HALAL Makan place*

9 of us went for this All U Can Eat buffet dinner.

How this goes is.. U can order from a list, and then they bring out dish by dish to you. Like going to a restaurant, only thing is you can order unlimited portions from the menu.

OK here are the tips!!!
1. Do bear in mind... that there are 3sections, whereby you can only order ONE type of cooking. The 3sections are - Fish, Crab, Sharksfin soup.
we chose steamed fish w ginger, salted egg crab, sharksfin soup w dried scallop. EXCELLENT choices... The fish is super yummy!!!!
2. one of our mistake is that we took too long to look at the menu. What you should do is... Quickly tick some dishes and then submit it to them first. If u want to order summore, you can do so later... Cos they haf veri little kitchen staff. Most of the dishes we had we delish... so u can order them also.... fuuhhhh their assam fish slice ... wah the charp... super yummmy ok... we ordered rice .. hahah!!!
3. DO NOT attempt to order too many of their noodles/rice.... Not unless u're noodles/rice kings/queens.... if u wanna try you can order 1/2 type... and the portion shud be for 30% of your table guest.
4. their dessert... We tried their sea coconut, Longan pudding, and they haf mixed fruits also...sorri lah no pic. But nice. We liked it. The sea coconut drink was wif some grated lemon. very refreshing!!!! order lar... can finish one that one... small portion oni... hehe!

Staff were friendly... [patient n efficient... ok lar mebbe cos not much people ...But better than Chuai Heng which I went over last weekend....

Guess that's about it lar. Head on over to Ocean Ship.... by end of this MOnth ...that leaves oni tomolo night n Sat lunch. please please call before u go... book d place first. My advice is ... find out what time they open, n then be there earli....

Oh yeah hoh... their address... Haiya... check it out over at the last pics. even haf directions to go. Unsure, just buzz me ok....

OK Cheers! I'm outta here... Nitey!

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