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By: Pam Koh

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Wednesday, 25-Jul-2007 11:10 Email | Share | Bookmark
New Formosa SS2


A group of Floggers made a beeline to New Formosa Restaurant last week at the invitation of its gracious owner, Mrs Jeannie Lee.

I've been there before prior to this trip and was ok with the idea.
(my first time there was in January where i posted it here http://foodyumz.fotopages.com/?entry=1049665 )

Reached there a bit late. Thank goodness dinner was not served yet. But we were served with the cooling herbal tea and sour plum tea. Even that was untouched due to the flashing of cameras.
The drinks were both refreshing. My personal fave is the sour plum tea. It's supposedly to cleanse your system.

Now on to the dinner. We were first served a platter of four dishes (it's like the chinese Four Seasons during wedding dinner). On it were the stuffed garlic prawn, fried pig's intestine, buttered eel and enoki mushrooms w shellfish (served atop the crispy crackers)
Orgasmic. The buttered eel is my fave amongst all those. Coming close is the pigs intestine. Now this dish needs mastering as it needs to be cleaned properly and cooked enough otherwise it'll take forever to chew.
Enoki mushrooms are my fave, and this one.... is perfect to go with rice too. the sweetness of the lala (shellfish)...fulamak....
I'm not really a fan of garlic but the prawns were tasty. the garlic taste wasn't overpowering.

Next came the suckling pig. We all learnt a new thing. Waiters brought us vinegar.It's sort of to make the dish less oily. Just pick a piece and dip it in the vinegar saucer. mmmm....

After that we were served the duckies - 2 varieties. The first one was the deep fried duck. I was asking Jeannie about it and she explained that in Taiwan, the proper way to serve it is whole and guests rip the duck apart (barbarian style) and the meat is dipped in a mix of salt and pepper and eaten with bread. Over here it is served cut up with sour plum sauce.
The second duck was deep fried duck with a special sauce with longan. It was sweet. I love this dish.


Two fish dishes. Whoa... Most stuff comes in 2varieties one....
One was steamed fish with special szechuan sauce... Mmm.... Tasted like nyonya style, nice. Another was sliced fish.

And then we were served two bamboo rice specially made with 5grains. It was tasty, but by then most of us were already holding our tummies. Being foodies, we tried not to disappoint the host. The guys were a great help! hehehe!!!

We were also served a plate of their specialty - asparagus stir fried with pumpkin, gingko nuts and lily bulb. I loved this dish as well.

Almost there?? no way....

We had steamboat - 2 types..YES.... this was also part of the meal... *pengsan* everyone quickly stood up and tried to ease digestion. Some took some sips of the sour plum juice.
1 type was the Formosa Stone Pot Mala steamboat, the other was the bonito steamboat with tuna flakes. I had a small bowl of the bonito steamboat but not from the mala steamboat as I was forewarned it was spicy. Was also stuffed by then.

It's nearly 9.45pm..... We're struggling to finish all the yummy food before us. I'm a tad surprise myself that we couldn't finish all that was served, but...If you'd been there, you'd know how much of food we were served.
9.55pm - Jeannie asks how are we doing. We shud all haf burped loudly... ahahhaha!!!! Then she said... dessert time. Ohmygosh!!!!!

How can a meal be complete without it? ehehhe!!!

Our warm and gracious host beckoned for the waiters to bring the muachi - we were served 4different types - green tea, original, black sesame, mango. Next came the caramel yam. I tried this dish at my last visit. It boiled yam dipped in the special caramel sauce. Sweet!!!
Next came the ooorrhh Nee - now THIS U gotta try...It's mashed yam with mashed pumpkin and gingko nut. AWESOME!!!! it was smooth...
Next were the 4different types of puddings. wayyyy beyond words...

Thanks so much, gracious host. me and the rest were truly bowled over by your hospitality as well as the great food that was served.

New Formosa Restaurant
46, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7875 1894
Fax/Tel: 03-7729 0000
Mobile: 019-335 3274
E-mail: formosa@streamyx.com
Operating Hours : noon - 2.30pm, 6-10.30pm DAILY

If you are going there for meals, make sure there are at least 6pax, then you can order a variety. My personal recommendation would be the Buttered eel, the enoki mushroom with shellfish, rice in bamboo, fried asparagus.
Do ask for the captain to recommend dishes to you.

What I like about this place is, it's cosy, and staff there are very prompt. I noticed this in the first visit itself. Also, their servings are ok (not too little, not too huge). Price wise, it's ok lar. Would cost a person around RM 20 n below (depending on what you order)

Other flogger who've reviewed :

Next trip there: I'll definitely wanna try the beef tendon, herbal pigs brain soup n pigs kidney... orgasmic!!!!

*I will try to upload pix as soon as i can.. connection sux, plus work is really super hectic this week. *sorry*

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