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Thursday, 27-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Steamboat at home.... yumsssssss

the main plate
enuf to fete 6
another shot
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usually, we will use pork bones to boil the soup....as a base. And then use Chinese cabbage... SUPERB!!!!
*u can also use beef stock or chicken carcass*

[b]Steamboat[/b]Basically, anything goes lar.. But we usually use meat - fish fillet's yumz.. U can buy dory fish fillet and cut it into the size of two of your fingers. (do not cut smaller because fish meat breaks easily.)
Then fish balls/meat balls. .... chicken fillet... ohhhhhh Mushrooms (canned or oyster)
veg...cabbage/bayam/any leafy veg....
taufu....if u love crabs/prawns/squid, u shud put that in as well.

*note: do not overcook crabs/prawns/squid.. the meat will not be nice anymore.becomes rubbery....
A good tip is when the soup's boiling, put all the stuff in it, and then wait for it the bring to boil again, then quickly scoop them up to eat.

Sauceit's up to u to use whichever sauce realli....
We usualli use soy sauce, bottled chilli wif garlic (a fave wif Dad)

Friday, 21-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bon Bon Cafe, Damansara Jaya

Bon bon
menu spesial
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I was introduced to Bon Bon Cafe ... like 4years back,... been going back for their Rosemary Chicken and banana crumble. The last time I went was ... wah veri long ago (haf to check diary)
Hafn't gone cos no time...

operated by two sisters... the place is realli cosy.
If you got time, try not to go dduring lunch hour... packed...from 12.30-2pm.
They're open Mon-Sats 8.30-5-ish

It's near Atria. go check it out

*address later...

Saturday, 15-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Melaka Street

Melaka Street, SS2
asam on left, curry on right
the menu
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Was at Melaka Street, this new place in SS2 (No. 34, Jalan SS 2/66 I think) lemme check the receipt.

Hey check out the dishes.. not bad la.... their 'single' dish are also good....

Halal place. and best of all, no govt tax... so make ur way there the next 9months.

Thursday, 13-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark


I've FINALLY had a little bit of time to fool around with this template, and Added a coupla other food blogs....
It's on the left side scroll further down after the advertisements... (still trying to figure out how to get rid of/collapse them)

Haf been reading Babe's blog for a while... wah syiok la....hehehehe!!!!
Boo is also great!

Will add somemore in time to come.... Loads of wai sik meowr in da house!!!!

Wednesday, 12-Oct-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Not been eating out new places much lately, plus camera is wif sis... sighz.... Haf to save up and get my own ... hehe!
Bo lui le...

Anyways, there's this new discovery...1st Oct (well, mebbe not so new, since my fren YM lives near there and she frequents that place)

New discovery from my Dad... One of his fren took him to a Restaurant Maxis in Kampung Subang and he's been raving about the char kuay teow.... suggested one weekend but mom wasn't keen... so... Potong stim la...
Then the following weekend mom had to go somewhere... Sis was like staring cock at me so I relented and went la... wif Dad, bro n aunt.
drive drive drive... (it was sooooo bloody hot that Saturday) turned out... Coffee shop oni (no air con...) wah liaooooooooo sweating like pigs!@!!!!

Ok la... sat down, ordered...
2 plates of CKT (dunno why Dad liked it so much), wantan mee(Dad), pork noodle-- soup(bro), Vietnamese pork chop rice (me) *nice* , spicy pan mee - soup (aunt), and a tom yam soup noodle (me n bro share)
hehehehehhe!!!! The yong tau foo (yeong brinjal/bittergourd/lady finger/taufu) LOOKS good , but no more liao... the ones that were ready were booked by someone else.. chehhhhhhhhhh

Will be armed wif the camera next round!!!

Directions to go: go to the road as you're heading towards the old Subang airport, pass the 3rd terminal, Airod, the winding road wif loads of 'seafood' restaurants, turn left at one junction (I cannot remember the rest la... more info next bit...)

p/s- they are closed every Alternate Sunday. we didn't know about it. Last Sunday 9th Oct parents went, dragged my neighbours there... kesian it closed... hahahaha!!!!! so if u wanna go this Sunday 16th Oct, they shud be open *cross fingers*

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