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Sunday, 7-Jan-2007 19:21 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pride of India

Was passing through Hartamas area this afternoon and then saw this place with its big banner RM 15nett buffet lunch Sunday-Friday.

buy 2lunch buffet (3rd buffet free)
20mouth watering dishes

Pride of India
Jalan 22A/70A
Tel: 03-62014477

foodyumz suspicious note: psssst... buy 2 free 1 arrr... hmmm...

I had a look at their menu (ala carte)... 'seems' nice lar... look like the authentic Indian restaurant... got Gosht, tikka, vindaloo, paneer etc etc (u can tell I'm not an expert in these...)
ohhhhh they got lassi oso...

Try lar n see..if u're ard that area. RM 15 per pax is quite ok.

Saturday, 6-Jan-2007 22:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark

sharkfin soup.. nyum
BIG chicken
steamed patin
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Super tired. got back after midnight but we had a wedding dinner at Oriental restaurant in 'Jaya Supermarket', Sect 14 (dun ask me what building issit called now...)

Lovely food....
Sorry the pics didn't turn out too well. Without flash n everyone was hungry.... paiseh oso lar to take..hahahah!!

Oh yah... even found out that they haf the Saturday brunch buffet at RM 38++, Wahhhhh when I saw that my eyes lit up. Go check it out if u haf time.....

When I do go,Will def review it.. hahahahha!!!!

Sunday, 31-Dec-2006 00:48 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Foodyumz Top Ten etc

Ahhhh!!! Still managed to get online to put up this post.

This Year's Foodyumz pick....
Hmmmm.. Quite difficult actually to pick, ...I shall try my best.These are places I will not hesitate to go if people ask....(4-10 not ranked accordingly...)

10. Pizza San Francisco (salmon steak)
9. Grand City Banana leaf (Section 11) -banana leaf ler.. wat else.. Doh..
8. Kedai Kopi Kong Heng, Ipoh town - slurpsss Ipoh Kuay Teow...
7. Pho Hoa - clear soup noodles, and ASK for their avocado coffee
6. Passion Cafe - their moist choc cake is the best in town. Located at Damansara Perdana.
5. Grandma's Kitchen (Uptown) - offers dim sum from morning til night. Try their other dishes. nice! good value for money as well.
4. Duck rice at PJ State - U haf to eat the rice...it's the bomb!
3. Food Foundry in Section 17.Funny it's found a way to top 3. give it a try....If u're a foodie and live in Klang Valley.
2. Bon Bon Cafe - for their Rosemary Chicken and banana crumble/tiramisu. Excellent!
1. Shin Nichi (OBvious choice isn't it?) Tip: go during non peak hours ie Sunday lunch. U pay the same price as the dinner, but hassle free.

There are of course other places worth mentioning, but since it's a top ten list, i'll just stay at there. I'm not so sure if Ocean Ship still runs their yam lei sik, but if they do, it's realli worth for money lor. Give it a shot will ya?

Some places with excellent service(according to me lar...if u haf any bad experience, do let me know k?I'll check it out..): Bon Bon(service wif a personal touch), Pho Hoa (VERY quick service), Shin Nichi (so far i've only been there twice but service is really good. Waiters wait on you, food gets replenished almost immediately), Pizza San Francisco.

Foodyumz snubs:
-those high class kopitiams. mentioned it so many times,the service there sucks, they hire
people who don't speak our languages well. I only go to those places when friends decide to
go there, not on my own.
-Dragon-i, The red colour 'Shanghai' restaurant which showcases the famous 'siu loong pau'.
-Saisaki/Shogun buffet-claims to be the 'best', but food quality/variety sucks. I mean...
c'mon... only 3types of sashimi?in a JAPANESE 'buffet' ? u mean they're claiming the buffet
part.... No more going there.

Places foodyumz wud be eager to check out for in the New Year after reviews from others...Sure Pizza (Plaza Damas), Tony Roma's ribs,Nong & Jimmy, Dave's Pizza Pasta's, Jogoya, Carnaval Brazillian meat buffet, Sakae Sushi.
Places foodyumz will wanna go again in the New Year to check out the food (old, and new if they haf): My Kitchen (thanks Candy for popping by!! See u in the New Year), Dave's Deli (this is different from Dave's pizza/pasta. Dave's Deli is the one wif green signage), Melaka Street, Peranakan Place, .

Oh yeah...Please look out for new menu in Dave's Deli in the New Year. I was there coupla weekends ago, Was sooo hungry, but kept reminding that they'd haf a new menu in the new year... But went in anyways... Had their mushroom soup... GOSH!!!!! It's d value for money lar... RM 3per bowl (RM 3.15 incl tax) finished it, then I tot... ok so maybe I was hungry. Had that n d quarter roast chicken, and then had another bowl of mushroom soup just to test it out for you guys (The torture I go through to experiment for u guys... kekekekke!!!)
It's CHUN ler.wholesome bowl of goodness!! I hope the management dont' mark the price up after the new year.

Foodyumz wishes one and all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007.
May the new year brings us more places to eat.
To those who're running their food business, may you continue to serve us good food/Service at affordable prices (of course la..otherwise we kennot afford eating out all the time ma...) and may your business prosper.

Thursday, 28-Dec-2006 21:19 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Las Carretas USJ

chips n drinks
pal having teh tarik n me ice lemon tea
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First time I went to Las Carretas was earlier this year. Some pals were having some drinks and just went in to meet up.

Despite it being in Tai Pan for many many years, haf never set foot in this Mexican restaurant.

So ok... In Sept sis announced to go there for the very first time to check out their food.there were 4of us we had a SUPER tough time deciding what to haf as the menu was extensive. So I decided to ask my fren who frequents there. She rekomended the lamb rack, but it was out of our budget so we ended up ordering some chicken/fajitas....
Didn't realli enjoyed the first time. Kinda 'vowed' never to go there again......

But....... Was craving for beef ribs and it was a fren who was buying dinner, so since she hasn't gone she said why not give it another time....
So okay lar... Decided to give it another 'try'
Prayed hard that the food wud be good... lolx.

True enuff, we enjoyed our meal this time round....The BBQ ribs were fantastic...(I'm not a fan of BBQ sauce) but loved this dish..... Do try it....

Meal cost a mini hole in fren pocket (thanks babe for the treat) but she was ok wif it.
Well, to us, as long as the food is good, why not fork for it hor??

Do give it a try nex time you're round Taipan USJ

Las Carretas
29 Jalan USJ 10/1F, (same row as Standard Chartered/Pulic Bank)
tel: 03-56373058

Thursday, 28-Dec-2006 11:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Tosaya, Wisma Cosway KL

my Tosaya bento
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Were deciding where to go for lunch. When a pal gave some suggestions and mentioned Japanese, My heart leaped... hahaha!!!

Went to this isolated corner of Wisma Cosway. Only managed to take a shot of the outside and then fren was rushing me in already, ushered me to my seat and we ordered. No time to check out the surroundings... sigh... But the place had a Japanese feel to it ler.

I was a bit hungry, and my eyes when I saw the Tosaya Bento set as it mentioned Sashimi n even had grilled unagi. KEWL! Ordered that. When it came I went... WAH... Huge portion.. ehehe!

Other pals had the salmon bento, sukiyaki set, teriyaki beef set.

Overall rating: 4out of 10.
Why? pricing/service... way bad.

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