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By: Pam Koh

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Sunday, 4-Mar-2007 20:50 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Today last day of CNY already.
Hope all of you had a great time enjoying the food and also meeting up wif relatives/friends.

I haven't been doing much pigging out of late. Seems like slowly dying already this blog. heh!

Am still alive. Makan sessions will prolly come on when friends come back to visit.


Friday, 23-Feb-2007 14:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bel Pasto

map to Bel Pasto
Had lunch at Bel Pasto today. Fren's mom brought me there.

Ordered Set 2 -
Mushroom Soup/Soup of the Day
Spaghetti Primavera (vegetarian)/Spaghetti Vongole/Hawaiian Pizza/Penne Arabiata

Took the mushroom soup, veggie spaghetti,drink

Fulamakkkkkkkkk!!!!! when the mushroom soup came, I was BOWLED over OKAY.... serioussss... I'VE never seen GENEROUS amount of fresh BUTTON Mushrooms in the soup before..... *Drool...

Was thinking of sis and Mei Yen and Boo and J liao.....

Lapped it up in minutes... ahahahah!!!! aunty was looking at me and saying...W ah you can drink hot soup hor... ahhaahahhaha!!!!!!

now I kinda regret finishing it so fast (I could've licked the bowl oso...)

THAT...itself is worth going for ler.... set 2 is oni RM 12.90++... the mushroom soup (ala carte) is RM 6.80 la.


Came back, straight away call my sis/makan kaki...

this place is closed on Tuesdays.
So.... Shall we go one of the weekend lunch ??? '

I think all the makan kaki shud gather n go there.... email them in advance... tell them we're bloggers... see got disc onot... ahahahaha!!!! mebbe give us bigger portions oso... hahahaha!!!

Monday, 19-Feb-2007 17:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Chor Yee at home

sis drooling over this ju huu char
without tis, ju hu char is incomplete
asam... mmmm
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Sis invited some frens, then mom decided to cook ler. Wah... quite a lot to do oso, but then ... when the food finish cooking, semua shaddap... Sedappppppppsssssss siut.....

Just tested the soup. I'm deciding to stay for dinner first, then oni go out.. kekekekekek!!!! Can u guess wat clear soup it is that's so the sedaps?

And the treasure pot... wah lieuuuuuuuuuu

Oso... Mushrooms.... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... SLURPSSSSSSS

Food tonight ... no porker pork involved.. It's a surprise, cos we'll usualli bug mom... Aiyoooooo Summore year of the Pig... but then... wah liao... just like this oso ... i think can tambah nasik ady... nyek nek nyek!!!!

Ok if u guys see this today, just gimme a call if u wanna come... haahhaha!!!

Friday, 9-Feb-2007 23:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
makan at Ocean Ship

tadahhh here I am
sharksfin,yong chow fried rice,marmite chic,assam sotong
chicken w wine
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Had dinner wif mates at Ocean Ship again. Last time went was in Oct last year wif family.

Like this place....

VERYYY Little pics this time cos I was hungry, and also the camera was acting up. Blah!

So here it is....

I will write more when a bit free.

Tuesday, 6-Feb-2007 07:22 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Dear friends,

Foodyumz will be taking a break.

It's good in a way lar. Been pigging out so much til friends have commented that I've gained weight. Boo hoo. Tak boleh lar like this. Oredi I'm so big. lolx.

Anyways, I'm still around. Still lurking in one corner reading your blogs,. keep them coming...

Oh yeah... The other day I was at MPH checking out...Star has come out wif a hawker guide - whole of Malaysia. Fulaueh... not bad leh... Wait lar... I see when I kennot tahan, then me go n get it, and then ajak my makan kaki to explore.. ekkekekeke!!!!!

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! KUNG HEI FATT CHOY! May the new year brings each n everyone of us peace n prosperity.

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