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By: Pam Koh

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Sunday, 18-Mar-2007 21:45 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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Cooked dinner after a long time. shud be able to guess wat it is kua... kekekekek!!!

Siblings n matey were stuffed... Phew!!!

Saturday, 17-Mar-2007 23:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Greenery Teluk Gong

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This is one place which we frequent quite often... our neighbour n our family. Uncle likes to go there cos the boss there same surname... kakakak!!! So go there to 'pong chan' lor. Food is not bad lar.

Tonight we went quite late... Ard 9...Apparently everyone was 'full' ady cos before that mom made a nice huge pot of soup,
Wahhhhh see the amount of stuff we had for the night...kekeke!!! I didn't really pig out lar... Wasn't feeling super gluttony... phew! had a bit of everything.

We had quite a bit of fish as well.. .four styles. Geng lehhhhhhh...

ooohhh dun haf Greenery business card lar... haih... but if u turn into the mini road that leads to the many many restaurants there, this one's the first one on the right side...
*left side is..ermmm... bunga kelapa or sumfin liddat la....*

*sorry la camera a bit sot sot ady. time's up it seems... hopefully u can figure out wat we were having for dinner...*future post will haf very poor quality pics, unless/until I invest in one brand new one *bo lui ler..*

Saturday, 10-Mar-2007 15:46 Email | Share | | Bookmark
5 Things People Don't know About Me

I got this from Mei Yen n Ivy... hehe! This is wayyyyy overdue, so sorry... haf been really busy lar dears....

Here ya go....

1. I don't like to eat petai. ahaks.... yup!!! Despite being the foody... I really dun like that. My parents and cousin sister adore them (I think they're nuts... ahahahahaha) Ok lar ok lar... i know some of you out there love the petai too.... I will TRY to eat some ok???
2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh another thing I don't like is basil.. kekekekek!!!!! Pet-sis shud know it.... i first tasted it when I was at this Vietnamese restaurant and they put it in the beef noodle. UGHHH!!! What a put off... It just ruined my tastebuds after that....
I know i know... hahahaha!!! Basil is one essential ingredient in Vietnamese food... haha! too bad loh...
3. I am quite a picky eater when it comes to noodles. Only certain dishes must be eaten with certain type of noodles. Like For instance, kuay teow soup - kuay teow (doh...), hokkien (Prawn mee) - the yellow noodles, char kuay teow - just kuay teow (and not kuay teow mee)
4. not a fan of spring onions unless they're cooked for a long time
5. hmmmmm must think of something I can't refuse..... ahhhhhhh!!! fruit pastries, especially Banana/Apple. If u find any, PLEASE let me know k ? ehheheheheh

Thursday, 8-Mar-2007 14:55 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Superbowl at Ikano

Was in IKANO today for lunch and wondering wat to haf.

Walked in front of Superbowl and thought, ok lar check it out!!!

Liked the interior (clean) and canteen style. Decided to pop in and check it out. Had a look at the menu and walked over to order at the counter.

Had chicken rice n cham ping. Was disappointed with it. Sent it back.

They managed to fix it and bring my rice. my Cham got back to me 10minutes later tasting better.

Overall - 6/10. pricing is ... OKAY la.. complex price. Service sucked.I liked the interior.food is not fantastic but ok. some local fare during lunch

Will I go back again ? I think i will consider lar. The dishes at the teochew porridge counter seemed nice. Hope it's not cold cold already. If you've checked it out before, do drop a line or two here, tell me what you think ? What shud I check out?

Monday, 5-Mar-2007 22:10 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Zen Pyramid

I'm here ady
checking in
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Had dinner at this Japanese restaurant in Pyramid. First time there was I think.... 3years back wif my family for the Sunday buffet. Veryy impressed with it.

I think after that I've only been there 2more times,
So tonight we went there to celebrate a friend's birthday after being assured that it's one of the best restaurants in Subang/Sunway area.

The food was great. all of us enjoyed it.

Thing was... We were amazed, on a Monday night, it was PACKED. Good thing made reservations.
since it was packed, service was a bit the slow oso. We waited 5mins before someone attended to take our order for some other snack.

Not much pics yet... will upload more when I haf the time.

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